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This account has no minimum balance to maintain and there is no service charge.  Your images will not be returned in your statement, so duplicate checks should be used.


This account is for the person who writes a lot of checks and keeps good books.  For an $8.00 a month service fee, you get no minimum balance, free duplicate checks, money orders, cashier checks and travelers checks.


This checking account has a minimum balance of $2oo.oo to avoid a service charge.  The following fees will be charged if the account falls below $2oo.oo at any time in the statement cycle.  $3.00 per month plus $0.20 per each debit transaction (withdrawal, check paid, automatic transfer or payment out of this account).  This fee will not apply to Senior Citizens over the age of 55.


Free non-interest bearing checking account offered to customers over 55 years of age.  Free paper statements with check images, no minimum balance and no minimum to open.  Dormant, overdraft and stop payment fees will apply to this account.


$500.00 minimum balance on this account.  This account pays interest at Valley Bank’s stated rate.  If the balance falls below $500.00, a $10.00 fee is imposed in addition to a $0.25 fee per debit item during the statement cycle.